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    We are a family operation located in Sullivan, Illinois. We started not too long ago and currently have two female dogs and one male dog. All our adult dogs are AKC registered and all our puppies are pre-registered. All our dogs and puppies are up to date on their vaccinations.  Puppy pricing is based on limited registration, with full registration available upon request.  

Paris Diamond

  Paris has been our dog since August of 2015. She has had four litters so far. She is more on the petite side, but is very energetic and loves to run! She enjoys being the one in charge and likes to remind the other dogs who's the oldest.

Morocco Cobalt

  Morocco is the newest member of the "team". He is just over one year old, but still likes to be treated like a puppy. He enjoys following the girls around and getting on their nerves. He is a gorgeous dog that loves to eat.  He loves playing in water and being scratched on his forehead.

Vienna Emerald

 Vienna is a very energetic dog. She loves running after balls and she especially likes when you scratch behind her ears! She is a beautiful dog with a nice form.  Vienna has had one litter so far, and we are hoping for many more. She turns 3 years old in October.

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